Project Description

Full design near Canillas de Aceituno

The existing area to be landscaped, at the front, sides and back of the property was all covered with weeds. It was agreed that the design would be developed in different phases. After consultation with the customer it was agreed to develop a design to introduce various components throughout the garden.

Front area phase

The entire plot had to be cleared. We first planted trees symmetrically at both sides of the plot. Some of the trees chosen for the design were: Magnolias Grandiflora, Albzia Julibrissin, Robinia Casque Rouge ,TipuanaTipu, Jacaranda and two ornamental trees. We also transplanted two existing olive trees to make them part of the new design. The rest of the flowerbeds were covered with bushes in order to provide shade and a low maintenance design at the same time.

We made two semi circular hedges of Myrtles at the entrance of the plot and then covered the entire surface with different kinds of gravel. To separate the different kinds of gravel and the area of plants of the driveway we created borders of stones.

The driveway was also covered with a fine coat of gravel which was later compacted.

Finally, two other flowerbeds were made and as a final touch they were covered with plants of different colours and sizes.

Rear part of the garden phase

The back part of the garden had the swimming pool surrounded by soil.

As part of the design, we decided to make different levels finished with sleepers; Then, we covered them with gravel. We also made two big flowerbeds.

We built hedges around the boundary with Teucrium Fructican cut in a formal shape and we also built another hedge of Oleanders.

We completed the project with the installation of a water irrigation system together with a water deposit and a pressure system to make sure all the plants would live in this hot area.

Side part of the garden phase

At one side of the property we constructed a Pergola closing the access from the front of the property to the back garden.

The final result of a garden can be seen sometime after its creation, once plants, bushes, trees and the rest of the items chosen begin to settle. For this purpose, it is extremely important to have a regular maintenance in order to follow the development of plants, finish hedges, prune trees, control the irrigation system and fertilize when necessary. If you follow these steps… you will see your dream garden come true!

The landscaped area has now a much fresher and lovely outlook. The planting really is the focus of this project and once the plants are settled, the garden will be a beautiful place to walk through and be in.




Before – After