Project Description


This pergola was part of a complete landscape design at a house near Canillas de Aceituno.

Pergola construction consists of several important steps including choosing a site, building materials and deciding on the style of pergola to build. Homeowners choose to install these garden structures for a variety of reasons. Some use them to enhance their patio or garden and may add climbing plants to provide visual interest and even shade, while others prefer to leave the structures unadorned for other uses.

In this case, the site chosen for the Pergola was at the side of the house and erected from the driveway leading to the most secluded and attractive part of the outdoor area, the swimming pool. To add more privacy we closed the rear end of the pergola with diamond lattice trellis to screen the rear garden. The project was started by placing railway sleepers to create a framework for the area where the pergola would be put. This would serve as a graceful transition between the driveway, garden and the pool.

The Base was marked and post holes filled with reinforced concrete. This would allow us to secure the pillars of the pergola on a strong base. The pergola was designed and built in wood. We also had made an iron gate preserved and sealed with Oxiron black paint.

A layer of quality gravel was laid and to finish the design we planted one of the most beautiful climbers, Wisteria sinensis.

For weather protection and to add beauty we applied a complimentary coloured wood stain and sealant to the pergola enhancing and prolonging its life.

The finished pergola is now not only very beautiful but can also serve as a shaded carport, a dining area for celebrations and barbeques ‘al fresco’ with family and friends and in the quiet times a place of relaxation, a good book and a glass of wine.





Before – After