Project Description

Family Garden near Periana

This landscaping project takes us into the hills near the town of Periana. The brief was to design a small family garden from a characterless space that needed fresh ideas and a plan of action.

The existing space had a playground area including a small sandpit. There was decking at one end of the area but with no integration to the garden. A central theme was needed to provide a communal outdoor living area for the whole family.

The area was covered in soil with a couple of trees that would be left as part of the project. The design would transform the space into a more inviting place for the family to enjoy together, as well as providing interesting corners for each family member. The sandpit was made more spacious and the borders were finished with quality treated wood leaving enough space for the playhouse and slide.

We designed a winding path of gravel to unite all the different living areas and the previously isolated decking. Artificial grass was laid and a small vibrant border of yellow and green leaf Euonymus was planted to separate the path from the grass area.

The flower beds were designed and planted with an attractive mix of flowers. We used the beautiful Agapanthus with its circular shaped blue flower heads, dark blue Lobelia and the evergreen Plumbagos. We installed an automatic irrigation system and created beds for the two existing mature trees.

The project was a magnificent success. It had a complete new design and on completion worked as a useable outdoor living space. The whole family now have their own areas to relax, unwind and to enjoy being together.




Before – After