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Trends: Vertical Gardens

A green wall is a wall partially or completely covered with vegetation that includes a growing medium, such as soil. Most green walls also feature an integrated water delivery system. Green walls are also known as […]

Edible flowers. Gathering Cut Flowers

Edible flowers
Many people avoid eating edible flowers because they are afraid to try them or fear they may be poisonous. There are a number of safe edible flowers, but it is important to do your research […]

The Spanish Garden

A traditional Spanish Garden is a style of garden or designed landscape developed in historic Spain, incorporating principles and elements of garden design from precedents in ancient Persian gardens, Roman gardens and Islamic gardens, and the […]

Mediterranean plants . Bougainvillea

No other plant is perhaps more evocative of the Mediterranean regions than this. Although 18 species are from South America, it is B. glabra and its varieties which are most commonly planted. The long, […]

Pebble Mosaic Walkways

The design trend away from solid concrete to permeable walking surfaces has opened the door to fresh paving options. Smaller homes and yards make it possible to explore alternative, sometimes truly unique surfaces without breaking the […]